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Monster Garage----Hillbilly style

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The time has arrived!! Got our first project vehicle in the shop today. Guy dropped it off & wanted it done within one month------we jumped the gun & told him it'd be ready to go on a ride with us on Sunday. NO PRESSURE!!

'88 samurai, all stock with 215/75/15s.

By Sunday it'll have a 3" lift (SPUA w/ trailmaster springs), rear Lock-Rite, removable doors, 15x8 wheels w/ 31s, and we gotta fix the VERY bad fuel problem.

This thing is running MEGA rich. Even at idle, it's puffing black smoke. Give it some gas & it POURS black smoke everywhere. It'll foul plugs within about 30 minutes. Timing is off by 2 degrees. It has a stock carb with an electric fuel pump. Guy said it had a 1.6L head put on & no lobe on the cam to run a mechanical pump. We're gonna start by checking the fuel pressure & adding a regulator if necessary. If that's not the problem, we have a good running stock carb sitting on the shelf to swap out.
Here's a view of the engine & electric fuel pump.

The guy is only using this as a trail rider/ hunting vehicle. He says he has no intentions of going anywhere near the mods that we have. Keeping with the K.I.S.S. rule on this one.

I'll post progress pics. as we go. We're going on a ride Sunday & he's taking this as long as we can get it done. Start the stopwatch, this is gonna be interesting.

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We should come up with some kind of "Stock Samurai Longevity Award" for the guy who's had the Zuk in stock form the longest!

I had mine 6 years before any kind of mod; and the first mod was a Calmini safari rack!!! Soon afterwards went SPOA, then GRS t-case, etc. etc. etc.

Once you start, there's always "one more thing".


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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