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There is a stereotype, that if you're a Jeep owner, intense off-roading is a must, but it can't be good for everyone. If you are not looking for extreme lift kit solutions and huge tires, but still want to improve the capabilities of your Jeep off the pavement - Softride lift kit by Skyjacker will be your best bet. We've prepared a detailed video review about all its components, benefits and installation requirements. Watch now and let us know what do you think!

Skyjacker® - 2"-2.5" x 2"-2.5" Softride™ Coil Spring Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit


- 2"-2.5" Front and Rear Lift Height
- Max Tire Size: 33"x12.5"R16 - Recommended Wheel Size: 20" with 8" Width with 4.5" Back Spacing
- Includes: Front and Rear coil springs, Rear track bar bracket, Front bumper stop and shocks
- Maintains stock ride quality
- Increased ground clearance
- Allows for larger tires
- Quick and simple installation.

Skyjacker Suspensions™ | Lift Kits, Shocks, Springs, Leveling Kits -

Enjoy driving your Jeep both on and off the road with Skyjacker Softride Lift Kit on! Leave your comments and inquiries below.​
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