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Now that I have some free time I've decided to tackle those annoying leaking seals. I've got an 83 CJ. The axle seals on one side and the pinion seal are leaking. After reading the Haynes manual and searching posts, I still have a couple questions I'd like to clear up before I start taking things apart.
Can this be done without all the special tools listed in the Haynes manual?

For the axle seal:
Do the bearings need to be pressed off to change the seals?

For the pinion seal:
I'm confused why there is 2 different torque specs for the pinion nut. I understand tightening to the rotating torque plus 5 in-lb to set the bearing pre-load. However, why is the torque spec listed as 210 ft-lb at the beginning of the chapter in the Haynes manual?
Should a new pinion nut, and crush sleeve be used to reassemble?

Sorry for all the questions. It's the first time I work on a rear-end and I just want to make sure I can handle the job myself before getting it half apart and run into trouble.


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Axle Seal.. there are two. One one to the inside of teh bearing and one to the outside. the Inner seal can be removed with out messing with the bearings.. but if you have a leak that is coming out hte axle tube end, then yes, you are going to haveto remove teh axle bearings, and install a new outer axle seal.

Two torque specs for Pinion nut. Yes one is for Pre load the other is basically what it takes to draw the bearing on the pinion, and crush the crush sleeve, and hold the yoke. you should use a new Crush sleeve everytime you pull the pinion. and you are suppose to use a new nut too.
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