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I have the Model 20 with the tapered axles. Before I spend the money... Which is the better of the two ways to go? One piece axles of the Full float
system from Warn?? What are good one piece axles (mfgr)/ Thanks much, Goose

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Some things to consider are: How long are you going to keep the Jeep?
Are there other upgrades you want to do? How you will be using the Jeep?
What other mods engine gears etc?

I feel that the onepiece axle is more than fine for most off road use. The only
downfall I can think of is the clip is reained that holds 'em in. You will want
to get a kit the includes all the parts. Bearings, seals, etc. Some kits do not include these extra parts needed to install them correctly. Superior and Moser are your best bets.

I chose the full float because I was looking for something a little more. With them you can unlock an axle or both if something breaks (if your really! hard on them) or for towing purposes. There are two ways lubricate the bearings using them. One is the same as before, regular grease or, use the axle oil do the work. I feel oilling from the diff is better if you will be in the water. It will make maintenance a little easier. Do not worry about a prankster unlocking your rear hubs. Warn uses an allen screw to keep the from being turned. Also you need to rock the Jeep back and forth to unlock and lock.

I am pleased with the kit so far. I have had it about 6 months. Works well. They do give you everthing you will need in the kit.

I do not have any experience with one piece units but, I am thinking of using them in my '84 CJ-7. It is not going to get quit a build up like my '78.
I had the kit professonally installed by a very experienced diff shop. It was the first time he had done one. He was very impressed with the whole thing. He has installed many one piece units. He does not feel I will have any problems with it.

Good luck.

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We went over this issue a couple of months ago so you might want to review some of the old posts. I have an 84 and decided on the Superior 1 piece axles. Main reason was cost ($300 vs $600) and the fact that I don't see a need to flat tow it....its a daily driver. By the time I pay off the x and can afford a Surburban to tow it...I can also afford a trailer to carry it on.

FYI..the AMC 20 does not have c-clips. The axle is held in place with a retaining plate that is tough enough to handle it. You will break other things before you break an axle. Its an easy install and the kit has everything you need...except for the bearing press. If you decide on the 1 piece, e-mail me and I can give you a couple of tips on the install.

John......southern CA
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hey there..
yes go with the one piece axles, unless you will tow with your jeep. moser are ok.. but make sure you get timkin bearings with it and not the green ones. Just ask the salesman at moser they know what i am talking about. i myself have the one peace axles from 4wheel parts wholesalers.. not sure on manufacturer.. but they are great. have had them 3 years now.. and i am running a 401 with a t18 and 4.10 gears. if you go with the one peace axles make sure you get seals, bearings, shims (dont forget to shim the axle shafts) and retaining plates. keep in ming you will not be able to use regular jeep retaining plates for they must go over the end of the axle. one other hint.. weld your tubes to the axle housing all the way around.. they tend to spin under hard wheeling. later.. and good luck


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DDawg16 is right, there are no clips that hold the axles in, that is left to the bearing and bearing retainer. I am going to go with the full floater becuase of what I think is the biggest drawback to the one peice kits, that is the fact that the bearing is whats holding everything in. I have seen a friends running the Superior kit shatter the bearing and the whole axle slid out just as if a c-clip had broken. He then lost his braking and control as well and was lucky he rear ended the jeep in front of him or he would have taken his last ride off the side of Golden Spike in Moab. This gives me the creeps about running another one piece kit. The floater adds a certain margin of safety to the rear that I like and feel will be worth the extra money. That and I flat tow. This is the only incident like this that I have seen or heard about so it might just be one unlucky accident, but I like the idea of the floater.

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