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Hey everyone, I am about to delve into a new project. I found a 1987 Mitsubishi Montero 2dr Turbo. I didn't realize they made one of these. I just so happen to be the owner of a 1988 chrysler conquest that needs a lot of work in the body/interior department. I am looking at swapping my motor into this one. One thing I would like to know is this thing authentic? Did they make turbo monteros? Anyone have any info on this? I would like as many details as possible if you please. Thanks in advance.

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I'm assuming you mean it's gas, not diesel. I know they made and still do make turbo diesel Pajeros overseas. You aren't going to find much Pajero/Montero or even Mitsu stuff here on ORC. If you do a search online, I know there at least used to be a website and forum for a USA based Mitsu Montaro 4x4 club. I bet you can find your answers there. I've heard they're pretty rugged little beasties, and I wheeled with a diesel Pajero on 31's in New Zealand. Did pretty good for a 99% stock truck.
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