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Well, I just got married and while on our honeymoon(Carnival 5 day cruise, to Grand Cayman and Calica, Mexico) I learned that a Mexican Jeep is a Chevy Tracker/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif.

We booked ourselves on the touted grand "Tropical Jeep Safari". We were supposed to go offroad, tour caves, undergound lakes, and stop a beach. Hooked up with another couple a dinner and wouldn't you know it, the guy had a jeep. Same year as mine with a 4 popper. He was prepping for an engine swap this winter, until his wedding came about(same as me and my axle swap, which we were both hoping to get back on track soon). Anyway, our new wives said that our faces looked so dissapointed when we saw our "Jeeps".

Not wanting to ruin our trip we both wrestled in our anger and didn't let it get the best of us. Later on, while the girls were in the bathroom, we both expressed just how upset we were. We let the guides know and they said that some other company rented all the jeeps and this was all that was left. We were fumming.

But was a good outing. That little excursion let us end up at one of the prettiest beaches that I have ever seen. Down a dirt road(supposed to be our off roading excursion) lined with trash, you would never expect it to end up at such a bueatiful place. Looked just like a Corona commercial, felt like it too.

Saw how mexicans, really live out on those dirt roads. Makes you glad to be in the good ol USA. Hard to believe that people actually live this day in age without floors(dirt), doors, thatch roofs, no AC, refrigeraters, etc. You see why they are so eager to get across the border.

Glad to be home, glad to be married, glad it is over. Now for a new beginning.


[]llll[] '90 YJ & '88 Grand Waggie
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