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measuring for correct shock length and bump-stops

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almost welding time for the shock mounts on the axle. I need to figure out total flex (primarily in the front, but in the rear as well). Once I know that I can determine the shock with correct travel, bolt to the axle and see how tall my upper mounts need to be and go shopping. Also, placing a bump-stop to eleminate the chance of blowing out my shocks would be a nice addition, so I need a realistic idea of what "full compression" is. The Jeep is NOT mobile so the idea of driving it up a ramp to find the max flex is not an option.
Ideas? I REALLY don't want to ruin a set or even one of my RS9000s.
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use a forklift.
ok, if your jeep has even a decent amount of travel, your going to have to drive it up a ramp. be sure and do it both ways, and steer it lock to lock to make sure the front tire does'nt hit them.
if you set it up right, the stock bump stops will work. if your springs are set up right, you'll be comming off the top of the frame @12'' with a shock tower, down to the middle of the axle tube, that is if you have a SOA
i'm sure your inner fender cutting skills are better, but you get the idea.


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