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measuring for correct shock length and bump-stops

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almost welding time for the shock mounts on the axle. I need to figure out total flex (primarily in the front, but in the rear as well). Once I know that I can determine the shock with correct travel, bolt to the axle and see how tall my upper mounts need to be and go shopping. Also, placing a bump-stop to eleminate the chance of blowing out my shocks would be a nice addition, so I need a realistic idea of what "full compression" is. The Jeep is NOT mobile so the idea of driving it up a ramp to find the max flex is not an option.
Ideas? I REALLY don't want to ruin a set or even one of my RS9000s.
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Is there any reason that you can't wait until the Jeep is mobile to measure for the shocks and mounts. They aren't necassary for a test run.
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