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measuring for correct shock length and bump-stops

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almost welding time for the shock mounts on the axle. I need to figure out total flex (primarily in the front, but in the rear as well). Once I know that I can determine the shock with correct travel, bolt to the axle and see how tall my upper mounts need to be and go shopping. Also, placing a bump-stop to eleminate the chance of blowing out my shocks would be a nice addition, so I need a realistic idea of what "full compression" is. The Jeep is NOT mobile so the idea of driving it up a ramp to find the max flex is not an option.
Ideas? I REALLY don't want to ruin a set or even one of my RS9000s.
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I can't see the upper shock mount in your picture. Could you tell/show me which one you used? (yes, it's SOA)
How do you get in the back to take off the stock uppers? Looks like I almost need to pull the body and I have a 1 1/2" body lift. Ideas?
Here is some better information for you guys. Can't ask for advice without giving you enough to work with. Here are the two shocks I'm working with.
Site Number ext. comp.
Front RS9008 22.36 13.68
Rear RS9112 26.65 15.94
Let's start with the front. Look at the picture below.

The front shock has about 8 inches of travel total. I'm not sure where to weld the mount up, but I CERTAINLY don't want it lower than the axle tube, right? What you see in this shot is the shock at full extension. Assuming that my axle will drop more than compress, the shock should link up with 5 inches of drop and 3 of compression (guessing here). If that is true, the mount needs to be raised to shorten the distance between the two mounting points. They are currently 19 1/2 inches apart as the mount sits here. Compare this to the stats above and you can see that I only have about 3 inches of drop at this point.
The next question is, if I am willing to get new shocks (something I'd like to avoid) do I still need taller upper mounts? Seems like the taller the upper ones get, the longer the shocks that I need are. Is it just that these shocks, that were used when I was SUA are just too short for SOA?
Next, let's look at the back.

I know this isn't completely accurate because as it compresses, the axle will move UP, not OVER to the shock in compressed state. The distance between the pins as it sits now is 19 inches if I keep the lower mount the way it is seen in the photo. If the travel of the 9112 shock is 16-26.6 inches, this may be fine just like it is.
I'd really like some feedback, ESPECIALLY on the front layout. The rear, upper mounts put the shock at a 70% angle and I know that limits their function. When I get new upper-rears I'll need some new advice, but let's start here first.
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