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Master cylinder help

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Here is my question, if I have a master cylinder off something with 4 wheel ABS that has 4 ports, could I rout the 2 front ports into my existing line and the 2 rear ports to the existing line so that I do not have to run new brake line. Or will this not work. It seems like it should be ok, but I don't know that for sure, and would rather not guess and try it on the road.


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My experiance with brakes is: don't deviate to far from the original design. WAY to much riding on a mistake or poor judgement! Play all you want with what makes it go, but make sure you can ALWAYS stop.
On the other hand; if I could figure a way to install the brakes from a new M-Class to my CJ - WOW! ABS and it locks whichever wheel is spinning (ie. lifted). No locking diff. needed, and a panic stop doesn't spin me around!

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