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Thank you everyone that replyed to my sometimes stupid questions reguarding
lifting a 89 YJ. Everything turned out EXCELLENT - I put a skyjacker 2 inch lift with a t-case lowering kit. I also replaced the brake lines. The quality of the springs is excellent and the ride is pretty good. I'm amazed that there has been no binding in the rear drive shaft.
The next project is to put a 2 inch body lift on the jeep (then I can put on
33 inch tires!!). I have noticed that there are many venders of body lifts. Summit offers a system that requires welding -- JCWhitney offers a kit that does
not require welding. What are the differences? What luck has other jeep owners had with body lifts? Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks in Advance



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I have a 1" body lift that I am happy with. I would not recommend going any taller than a 1" with a body lift. And I've never heard of a body lift requiring welding.

As for running 33" tires, if you don't go offroad, you may be ok with the setup you described. But, if you go offroad and you disconnect your sway bar and track bars, you will probably stuff your fenders with 33" tires. I have a 3.5" spring lift, 1" shackle lift, 1" body lif, trimmed out fenders with TJ flares installed, sway bar disconnects and track bars removed. I still stuff my front fenders easily.

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