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Cut and paste this into your bookmaks (netscape)

It's my suppliers folder...

parts suppliers - used Samurai parts & vehicles

Suzisport International - Get in the Zone!

buy Truck Stuff | Truck Parts & Truck Accessory

GI Zuk's Suzuki Samurai Salvage Yard

Off Center Custom Racing - The Suzuki Performance Specialists !

Warehouse Auto Parts

Parts Express Home

Welcome to the Mr. Gasket Group - The Performance People

Rock Rat Fab

aircraft parts

Aftermarket Industries link list


Suzuki Samurai | LINKS

Suzuki Samurai - Aftermarket Parts

4WD HardParts

Big Balls Offroad

Calmini Suzuki

Australia, Suzuki Parts and Service Specialists

Aftermarket Industries

Asian Auto Parts of Arizona - Sumo Products

Breeze Industries - Setting the Industry Standard for QUALITY

Detriot locker Distributors.pdf - Welcome

FTE 4X4 Specialist's


Jacobs Electronics - The Ignition Specialists for your 4x4 or Off-Road vehicle

North Coast Off Road

Petroworks Off-Road Products Inc.

Rhino Ray's online experience -- Auto Parts Fast!

Rocky Mountain Suspension Products, Bushwacker, fender flares, cut-outs, extend-a-fender, street flares, flat top flares, panel flares

Rocky Road Outfitters

Rocky Road, Glenn Wakefield

Glenn's wacky links

Rods Samurai Parts

Roadless Gear, LLC

Rotational Dynamics

Shrock's pics of bumpers and guards


Southern Suzuki Performance

Speedway Motors: "America's Oldest Speed Shop", Street Rod and Racing Specialist...

Speedway Motors: Sheet Metal & Plastic

Spidertrax Inc.

Spidertrax Offroad - The Next Level in Off-Road Performance

Suzisport International

SuzukiJohn - The Las Vegas Source for Samurai Parts Service Sales

SuzukiJohn - Samurai New & Used Parts

Suzuki Sidekick ,Samurai, Vitara, Grand Vitara, X-90 & Swift Performance & Accessories

Suzuki SJ410 and SJ413 Spares, Parts and Accessories

Trail Tough Products - Suzuki Stuff!

victory engineering

VINTAGE SUZUKI | Your source for Suzuki parts and automobiles

Wheeler's Off-Road

Zuki South -- Suzuki Samurai Performance Headquarters

Wow, it took it as HTML, Hmm I guess it is!

So if you still want to dump it into your bookmarks, view the page as HTML and cut and paste that!

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Sorry Sarge, it wasn't on puropse, he asked for the zuk parts guys and your link is in my
engines/induction sub folder...

If I had done all the off road folders I would probably have broke this post like I seem to have
done on the zuwarie bbs, I posted 3 pages of word and a bunch of pics in a new thread and
it kills exploder every time I try to open it!

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