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Make your own rear trailer hitch/bumper

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It turns out that my rear trailer hitch itsn't a factory job...and I think it will seriously interfear with me ever installing an aftermarket bumper (but I'll probably make my own and this will be a non-issue) but I'm still going to try to explain how this thing is put on there, since I've pulled a full-size dodge 1500 on 33" MTs off its axles and out of a hole using it- ITS STRONG! Welded to what was the rear cross member is a long piece of iron C-channel, with the C facing out. Welded into the C is an almost equally long piece of iron 2" sqaure tubing. Butt-welded to this is the 2" square tubing used as the reciever. 1/8 thick plates are welded to the top and bottom of this plate and the long 2" tubing to reinforce it, and the bottom plate has two oval-shaped holes cut into it for the safety chains. The bumperettes are mounted at the end of the long 2" tube, but are slightly closer to center than original, so holes wouldn't line up even if I were to cut off the hitch and try to bolt on a bumper (which would end up sticking WAY out!) As things are I'll make my own bumpers and if I dont try to incorporate this monster into the design I'm cut it off and start from scratch. I'll scan the pictures when I develope the film...but dont hold your breath.

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sounds strong enough, why are you building a different bumper?

Nick Hagen
1995 Wrangler
33" Mud Tires and a four banger
This thing sticks out a bit, especially with the bumperettes and the hitch in the reciever. Departure angle sucks and I want to build a full external rollcage...after I do the suspension, the axles, and the engine of course!

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