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Make your Jeep look more aggressive with Duraflex Hellcat Style Hood!

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Duraflex Hellcat Style Fiberglass Hood is a perfect way to make your Jeep JK look more aggressive and in improve the ventilation of your engine! This replacement, lightweight fiberglass hood is made using revolutionary process, that combines high quality 6 oz. fiberglass, plastic and flex resins for a product that flexes and bends instead of cracking and breaking.

This hood will allow you to reduce the heat in engine compartment and help to keep it cool for optimal operation. It comes unpainted with signature black finish and ready for painting. It requires sanding, trimming, and filling prior to installation and painting, thus, professional installation is recommended.

Duraflex® - Hellcat Style Fiberglass Hood (Unpainted)

Make your Jeep even more stylish and versatile with Duraflex Hellcat Style Fiberglass Hood at CARiD!
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