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The Fall is just one day away, but our prices are already falling! Today we are back with the Tyger Auto Sale Event! Shop now at CARiD and save money on your orders with this fabulous deal: 10% Discount Offer on Tyger Products! Do not hesitate! The sale is active till September 30, 2021. Prices are already reduced.

Whether you're after the best Jeep bumpers to keep up your image, or you're after an off-road bumper that will handle the tougher trails of life, Tyger has you covered. These bumpers are made of premium quality materials and feature durable finish coatings, which makes them tough, capable, and rust-resistant. They will look incredible on your Jeep for years to come. They feature an easy bolt-on installation with no drilling required.

When it comes to performance, functionality, and visuals, you can't go wrong with Tyger Front Bumpers!

Tyger® - Stubby Front HD Winch Bumper with Hoop

Tyger® - Rock Crawler Mid Width Front Winch HD Bumper with Hoop

Tyger® - Mid Width Rear HD Bumper

Tyger® - Slim Flat Style Front and Rear Fender Flares

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