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I think that I may have asked this here before but I haven't fixed it yet so I will ask again. First off I have a 98 Blazer 4.8 5 speed. Whenever it is parked somewhere and it is damp out (raining, muggy, melty snow) it develops a chug for about the first 15 minutes of driving. The real weird thing is that it only happpens between 2000 and 2300 rpm. I have replaced the plugs twice and the wires once in the passt 8 months and it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

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First off I have a 98 Blazer 4.8 5 speed
Is that right? Or do you mean 4.3?

Anyway, have you checked out your EGR valve recently? Might be a good idea to check your EGR valve to make sure it is opening/closing properly at the right temperature.
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