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Magical Mirrors!

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I know this isn't a very high demand question, and it doesn't matter a whole lot to the performance of my Jeep. But, I do have an interesting question regarding my outside rearview mirrors.

I have a 98 Grand, and it has those memory mirrors where you push a button on your key fob, and it adjust the mirrors to the preset memory.

Well, I have noticed several times, when I get into my Jeep, that I have to push the preset number 1 (several times) to make the mirrors return to the correct spot. I don't think anyone is playing a trick on me, but no one else uses my vehicle, and so the mirrors should be in the same spot. Obviously I can just adjust the mirrors by using the control for the mirrors, but this does get annoying after having to readjust them every time that I get in.

By the way, the mirrors are always tilted in a downward direction from the last time that I left them.

I didn't know if anyone knew of a common problem that does this, or if I'm just losing it. Maybe I am just growing taller, and don't realize it. That would put the mirrors in a downward direction

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If you have a master control on drivers door I would suspect a cracked circut board...In the door control system I found I had a one piece circut board that controls PW/PM/PDL, one window would have a mind of it's own...sometime fine sometime no-workie at all.
The door unit for a 97 was $142.00 at stealership...I installed it in twenty minutes and all is well.

Second choice and less costly is battery in key fob....or dirty key fob,,,you know where you keep that fob it may be getting gassed to death.
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