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Anybody usin a magfire ignition?
Any good?Got one on order from california imports!thought I would give it a tri!The purox ignition was twice the price and maybe twice the unit but thought I woud tri this first!


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Well it's in there and workin We'll see how it goes!
Wish me luck!:)

So if anyone is interested I have run the magfire all summer it hasn't missed a beat Great alternitive to points an condenser!They brag it up by saing it will add more power but thats a false hood in my estimaion Or some ones dream!Any way worth having just for the no points thing!

are you running a new coil with it? points can only handle 9 volts so the stock coil is designed to limit the current going to the points (it has a resistor in it) you can now run a coil with no resistor in it and run a full 12 volts to the coil to produce more voltage to the spark plugs. i doubt that you would be able to feel much of a power increase even with a new coil, but i thought i'd throw that fact out there for ya.

Tom Klippenstein
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Thanks Im running a lucus coil I found in my junk the origanal coil went toast!They rcomended a new coil but wanted to see if the magfire was going to work ok!
The buggy is off the road now so that might be next years addition!Hopfully a roll cadge well!
Thats the plan anyway!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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