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Hi all,

Just to let you all know... I bought some of the Loctite Superlube today to grease my poly bushings. This grease is really nice to work with and much easier to apply than the grease that cam with the poly kit i.e. it is not as sticky and thick. It retails over here for £4.40 for a big tube ($6.60) and goes a long way. It is also available in cartridges for your grease gun, but unfortunately they sold out and couldn't get me any till tomorrow. As I've got no patience, I got the tubes instead. Btw, finished the whole Energy Suspension master poly kit today including the body mounts. Would you believe it: The body mounts where the easiest of the whole kit... Only took me 2 hours to change them all. Had one caged nut spinning round above the gas tank. I gently folded the sheet metal in front of the channel with pliers to be able to see inside the channel, split the nut cage with a chisel so I could see the nut spinning and wedge the bugger with a screwdriver. Job done, whoohooo...


'83 CJ-7 258/TF999/D300 in Land Rover Country

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