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I don't know what one to get.
I have a honda 300 utiltity and its too slow.
I think once winter passes i am going to sell it with a plow for $3,500 and get one of the above.

I ride in tight trails, dirt roads, fields, some fast trails, and pipelines and soon maybe colm banks.

I want to know what one, i was thinking the LT250 but then the warrior then that banshee.

can't decide.
oh yeah im 16.

And can you tell me how each one would do against each other in races and trails and all that stuff?



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For your intended uses, i would reccomend the Warrior. I think it will be less of a drastic change from what you currently have, and will suit you well.



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how does a warrior compare to acceleration of the lt250r and the honda 250r??? i would think the 2strokes would be quicker?

i am kinda leaning towards a 2 stroke too, so i dont really want a warrior.

would a banshee be too much and be unusable for trails???
what about the 250's??


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I am not familiar with the LT 250R, but the Honda 250R is pretty quick. I don't know how a stock 250R would run against a Banshee, but it is probally pretty close. I had a 250R bored out to about 290cc with an aftermarket pipe, a rejetted carb, and it would easily leave a stock banshee, off of the line. On the top end if I let my friends catch backup, we could wind them both out and I would pull past them slowly and I mean slowly. The thing about the 250R is that they handle better than anything else. You can control a 250R better than a warrior or a banshee, and turn so much sharper. 250R are the best for the track and woods but the banshee is probally better for the sand. As for as the warrior it will be slow compared to the 250R, it will land harder off of jumps and they don't turn sharp at all. Two strokes are a heck lot faster than 4 strokes and they don't weigh as much as a 4. Good luck finding a 250R, they are pretty hard to come by. I looked for over 6 months before I found one and snatched it as soon as I found it. You won't have any problem selling a 250R either. I put mine in a couple of local papers and somehow I had people calling from 3 states.


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i have not ridden a banshee but i have ridden the other 2 and would definitely go with the lt250r. when it comes to maintenance, the lt250r and honda 250r in stock form are very much the same, modified, they all break more. banshees do have a little more reliability, however, when things do go wrong, and you must rebuild, be ready to buy two of everything, have twice the machining done and don't forget having it all balanced...can we say$$$. in the woods the banshee is a handfull, the lt250r will dominate it in tight stuff, power to weight, it almost beats the banshee, but the banshee can go faster and get there faster usually but it is taller, longer, wider and heavier. the warrior is heavier, yet has a torquier engine, it is much better as a semi-sporty/ semi-utility i think, the advantage is you don't have to mix gas, and you have real reliability, and only get rebuilt once in a blue moon, unless you modify and push them hard...and i've seen a couple wariors that hauled arse. everything has tradeoffs. with that, i leave the choice to you
IMHO the lt250r is your bird of choice. but then i am biased and own one myself, i think you'd adapt to the power quickly.
BTW if it can't scare the pee out of you occasionally, what good is it? but be careful, a 250r can really smack your 'pee-pee.' :)

'-ahhh! the taste of unburnt hydrocarbons in the morning, gotta love it!'
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