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I am LS swapping my smart car with the 5.3 from my old suburban because it was on hand. I would definitely be down for a bigger LS haha. The engine is installed in the revers direction (in the rear facing the rear), frame is modified, the wiring is figured out ( not installed but I am running out of things to put it off with). However I have to literally redesign the whole system from the differential to the CV shafts. We are talking swapping the front and rear diffs to not grenade a front diff from going rear diff speeds, need a $5000 SCS drop box (will probably make my own chain drive). Long story less long, it would be an all around better option to reverse the rotation of the engine and in turn the transmission. I think I know what must be done to the engine. I do not know about the trans though. I have only seen this talked about in reference to Fiats, Subaru, and Audies. There was some mention of side loading, thrust bearings, gaskets and such being worn in one direction getting torn up going the other way, helical gears potentially getting force in an orientation that technically was not intended, but no concrete or experience. The engine has been rebuilt. The 4l60E still has the original 300K miles and ran great. Thoughts?
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