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LR Discovery Questions???

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Were the Discovery's really plagued with problems? Just want to set the record straight. And if I do buy a used disco last thing I want to happen is to be stranded offroad or my wife end of stranded. So give the scoop on the known problems. So far I have been told they have bad problems with the electrical wiring, and automatic problems, and some motor problems. But the wiring harness and automatic are the two biggies that have been pointed out to me so far.

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I just bought a used '95 Disco. I havent had any problems with it yet, but I've only owned it about 3000miles. I have also heard about the disco's wiring problems to, but nothing other than, "I heard they have wiring problems." So I don't know of any specific cases. Mine leaks oil at the oil pan and the valve covers, so check for that. Also, all the ones I looked at had exhaust problems. I dont think that Rovers have the quality control problems that have plagued them in the past.

'75 CJ5, 350 V8, 35"BFG MT's.
I have a 97. I've had one fuel injector short out to the tune too about $600. The dealer could not say why it shorted and said they never seen anything like it before. The other problem is the check engine light. The dealer told me that disco's have a problem with sticking valves that set off the light as it produced a rough idle. They told me inorder to fix it they had to replace the heads and had 3 sets on back order. i saw some treatment at a toyota dealer that i think will cure the problem. it costs about $28 and cleans all the crud from the heads.
I have a 98 discovery... which I have had for about three years. It's a great car, but it does need TLC every now and then.

I have had no electrical problems, as I was warned it would have, but I have had a transmission leak, and Power steering fluid leak. All told about 700 dollars in repair.

It is an amazing car off road. I think it is worth it, if that is what you are interested in. On a side note, Land Rover warranty and service is incredible. If you can buy a Disco with a service package, I would highly recommend that.

I went ahead and bought a Toyota Land Cruiser. My last rig lasted well over 350,000 US miles on the original bearings. Thanks for the info on the discovery's. Im not sure if I will buy one.
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