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A friend of mine had a buddy of his (that worked a LPG/natural gas supplier - UGI) fit his Willy's with a LPG set up. It cost him about a grand at the time. The "buddy" said that it would have cost him $15-1800 (I don't know how much of a buddy this guy really was). I don't really see why it was all that expensive. It just LOOKED like an adapter on the carb that had a couple of heater hose hook ups.......and of course the lines and the tank. We use them in our towmotors/forklifts at work ......we don't have much trouble starting them in any temperature ......however in the extreme cold (0-15) you may have to let it run for a while to get enough flow to actually get any serious rpms out of the motor (it seems to run out of fuel) .....a few minutes of idling seems to do it. I assume this is because of the heated air intake (the snorkel thingie from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner intake) begins doing it's job. I had an older friend (actually a father of one of my former girl-friends) who was a LPG driver for SUN Oil ....... (we're talking the 50's-60s here) ..... he said that his truck ran off the stuff and his problems were in the summer ......where an ice ball would form in the carb. He just started it on gasoline and ran it out of LPG before stopping on a hot day.Mileage was reported to be about the same as gasoline (based on 4-5 lbs of LPG to one gallon of gas-I think).
Generator ratings on LPG as opposed to gasoline are 85-90% of normal least the last time I checked.
Hey.....anyone got one of those military surplus LPG refridgerators at their mountain camp .....the ones that have the little "pilot" to burn off the expelled LPG when it's used for a refrigerant?

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