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Neat thing about LP conversions is how clean the engine internals stay. The problem is the boiling point of LP is about 40 degrees F. Below that and fuel delivery is impossible without some type of heater. I have dealt with cold weather propane delivery and have installed propane heaters to heat the tanks and delivery lines for cold weather. Depending on the surface area of liquid in the tank, and the fuel delivery requirments, heat may even be needed at warmer temperatures.

Another alternative with its own set of problems is CNG, or Compressed Natural Gas. Fuel injection and new generation systems work great. CNG does not have cold weather problems, and the existing fuel system can be kept for backup. Some problems are tanks are high pressure, and fairly large for a small quantity of fuel, tanks need to be recertified on a regular basis, I think every couple of years, and filling stations can be few and far between. But I know here, CNG is about $0.80/gal compared with gasoline at $1.40/gal. Great application in fleet vehicles.

Enjoying Montana's Big Sky (& rocks & rivers & mountians etc, You get the picture.)
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