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I have road in Illinios Iowa,& missorri,but my homestate is illinios and i have been running out of places to ride here!!!!me and my buddies have lost land because of bankrupt farmers and people selling their land.i was hoping to find someone who can help me with some places to ride in Illinios.I have about 10 or 12 people who i ride with and we ride everthing from a 230 suzuki to a 500 polaris.We know it is not the peoples fault for hard times but the state here has no places that we know of open to wheelin so please give us some suggestions!!!!! thanx


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This is where organized groups have the advantage. Look into ATV groups in your area and join up. This is the best way to take advantage of a club or organization's long standing relationships with landowners to get to ride.

Also, look into contacting 4x4 & Jeep clubs in your area. Although their trails may be slightly different, it is another good resuorce to increase your trail base.

I highly suggest you join a local, regional, or national organization to not only increase *your* trail access, but to join in the fight to save 4x4, ORV and ATV trail use across the country.

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