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This coming Thursday evening (maybe the wee...wee hours of Friday morning) - April 2nd, the LOORRS racing list (teams, drivers and classes) will be posted on Fantasy Off-Road Racing. The list will be directly from Lucas Oil and will be posted under the "Fantasy Inside Edge"….which is for registered users of the site.

Due to the late receipt of the Driver List … and drivers not truly deciding in which series to race in until the last moment, the first race on April 4th & 5th in Primm, NV will not be available for fantasy gaming.
I know…I know - that sucks… however!

The second race - May 2nd & 3rd in Surprise, AZ will be available for fantasy gaming and that is when it will be GAME ON!

This will create a more exciting and a fair playing field for the rest of the season - this way everyone will still get a fair shot to become the Fantasy Master and win the Fantasy Master VIP package put forth by LOORRS and their sponsors. (Prize package is not affected at all by the whoop in the track that caused this Fantasy Truck to sway off course a little bit)

Still haven't registered with the site? "REGISTER" now!

Also, the first fantasy contest has been announced! "Fantasy Find" live at Primm on April 4th & 5th!

Have good ideas for contests either at the race or during the down time between races? Let us know here at!
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