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I have an '82 CJ-7 with the factory 15 gallon gas tank, and I want to replace it with something in the 20-22 gallon range. What are my options for this? I checked Aero's web page, but I didn't see one listed for a CJ-7. I want the larger tank with a skid plate as well. I want something that will bolt on directly with little modification. What should I expect to pay for this type of upgrade? Thanks in advance.



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4 wheel drive hardware sells a 22 gallon tank and acessories. They have a web page at the tank is $209 for steel or $299 for stainless steel. The skid plate is $69 for steel and $113 for stainless. Also be advised that these tanks hang lower than stock so if you off road it will hang up more than the stock one and decrease your departure angles.

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If you want to stay with something stock the CJ7 came with a 20 gallon tank. I am not sure the exact years, but my 83' has one.
You can still get all the rebuild parts for this too. I found everything between the dealer and FWDHardware. The "skidplate" is not
really thick enough though to be called that. This might be a cheaper/bigger tank idea if you can hunt one down.
Good Luck,


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I've got the factory 20 gal plastic tank in my '83 as well. They started in '82 (I think) and the factory skid plate is no longer available. If you find one in a southern state you might get lucky and the skid plate won't be rusted out. I have a new (actual "Skid Plate") comming from Four X Doctor. He is going into production on them and gets around $150-$175 (don't quote me on the price) for them. Made out of 3/16" with a 3/16" or 1/4" bottom! Hope this helps.

Mike H.
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Yes we do now have skid plates for stock 20 gal gas tanks, they are made
of 3/16" front,bottom and back with 1/8" sides. if you need a 20 gal used
tank, I mite be able to get one for you. Price on plate is $169.95. Will have
pic's on site soon. Mike.

Mike Duncan
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Aero does make one with 23 or 26 gallon capacity, I believe. They will add a thicker bottom or sides per your request for extra money. Trailquest also makes a nice tank for the CJs, but I like the Aero mounting method better and it comes with the necessary hoses and hardware. Hope this helps, good luck.

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