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Looking for pictures of CJ7's

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Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

I'm trying to decide on a color to paint my CJ7. I'm also redoing the interior while I'm at it. Just for visual purposes I'm trying to find pic's of CJ7's that have the following paint/interior/top schemes. If anyone can help me find pictures I would appreciate it. Also looking for pictures of custom dash setups to give me some working ideas. Also if you have any Jeep pic's that come close to these send them my way. I'm having trouble making up my mind.

Body color/Interior color/top color


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Re: Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

Now just what is wrong with the rusty dried mud/ground in dried mud/chipped and oxidized black color scheme?
Re: Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

nothing wrong with that scheme.. unless you like the krylon paint with runs.. and dirt particals.. rusted, bondo, moss covered top scheme..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
Re: Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

thought about blue/black/black or blue/black/white? some of your schemes up top don't match....
Re: Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

Go to the Jeep-l website & there are tons of owners pix of CJ7's in just about every color scheme (you'll have to go
through 1 by 1 though) the site address is
Re: Looking for pictures of CJ7\'s

heres a pic of mine

CJ-7 10"lift


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