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01 pontiac gtp all options except dual climate.

engine mods are gen 5 ported lower intake, custom phenlic intercooler housing, stage 1 gen 5 ported supercharger. zzp stage 3 heat exchanger, gm intercooler pump, 3.0 supercharger pulley. antislip belt system, 180* drilled t-stat, 80mm northstar throttlebody, cone air filter, autolite 103 sparkplugs gapped at 52, 10.5mm sparkplug wires, new gm ignition coils, pf52 (larger style oil filter) synthetic oil custom tuned pcm.
headers, 3" downpipe and cat, 2.5" stainless slp exhaust system.
new transmission with stage 2 shift kit. dextron 6 fluid.
new kyb performance shocks with anti pogo washers, zzp strut tower bar, gmpp diagonal braces, gmpp rear control arms, gmpp rear swaybar(not installed yet) poly front swaybar bushings (not installed yet) 12" gmpp front brake upgrade, new rear rotors and ceramic pads, performance fuel filter, zzp fuel pump rewire system, new gm headlight capsuls, hid headlights, blazertech foglights (not installed yet) zzp daytime running lamp rewire, i know im forgetting something somewhere.

audio is alpine headunit no cd just usb or ipod interphase, all high grade wiring, 5.25 ma audio components up front, ma audio rear 5.25 in back, to a 800watt ma audio amp, ma audio 12 in bandpass box takes up to 1500 watts driven by a legacy 1200watt amp. a/c heat work good, sunroof, heated seat leather, hud, daytona 500 spoiler off gtp pace car. car is red, hood and trunk are black. 2000 miles on new firestone firehaek gt tires.passed nj inspection is good till 2012.

downsides, exhaust gasket leak at rear header to downpipe. i have the gasket just havent had a chance to put it in. the right real tail light housing needs to be resealed or replaced. fills with water on bad storms then have to drain and put new brake light/turn signal bulb in. the front was backed into at the oldbridge park and ride. i repaired everything except the front bumper cover. it has a tear in it. still fully functional. to be able to go full boost it needs 42.5lb injectors. currently it sets a check engine light because the lower injectors read lean once in a while and the exhaust leaks sometimes sets a false knock code. its an amazing car. it is being sold AS IS. just got the injectors need to install and tune.
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