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Looking for a divorced transfer case

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I'm looking for a divorced transfer case preferably from a Chevy or a Dodge to mount in my 79 Scout to relieve some driveline problems and increase my low range since at the moment all I have is that Dana 20. I'm short on cash but have some Dodge 3/4 ton axles (a 60 & a 44 [4.10's]) that need some love, and a Scout D-44 front [3.73] that's in great shape. If you have a line on any transfer cases of this type near Eastern NC, please let me know.

My Scout is like my website, I'm working on it. 79 IH ScoutII, Anything else is just a 4X4... 345, 1-ton axles, Detroits F/R. 99 F-350 SD, PowerStroke.
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I just packed all my mag's since I am moving, but in the last issue of Petersons off-road they did that set up.
I think they got it from Boyce eqipment.

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I think they said the divorced case was pretty cheep since not many people want/use them. But it was boyce they got it from

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Probably the cheapest/best one to get is a remote NP205 from a 69-74 Dodge (not 71-74, whoops!) RH drop and dirt cheap. I got mine with the PTO in exchange for pulling an engine!

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u2slow, welcome to the site! I've been hoping you would come over here./wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif

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