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Re: lookin\' for rust, need advice

ya gotta get right in close and really look,
look from the front to back on the sides, (put ur face right next to the fender and gaze towards the rear). see any wavy areas? that would indicate the presence of BONDO, a sure sign of previous repair.

grab a flashlight and wear your grubby clothes cause u have to get under the vehicle and look hard for signs of rust.
mind you, there will be rust under there,surface rust ain't too deadly yet, u are concerned with ROT. especially on the frame, body mounts, wheel wells, and any of those spots where dirt and water can accumulate.
don't be afraid to poke at any suspicious areas(with ur hand as opposed to a hammer, after all, it's not yours yet), be suspicious of an area that feels "spongy".
that's all i can think of for now, hope itsa solid one, (or at least fixed well).


'74 CJ5,232 I6,T15,Dana 30&44
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