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Just thinking out loud here
Anyone running longer springs on the front or rear of a CJ or YJ? Besides custom nationals or alcans...

Thoughts on the rear:
- The Comanche has 57"x2.5, 26/31 offset, with that it would allow me to push my rear axle back ~1.5" and would be 11 inches over stock springs
- I think the rear springs on mid 80's ford F150 are 57"x2.5, 25/31 offset, that would let me push my axle back ~2.5
Does any one have a F150 they could measure the rear springs on to confirm this? length/width and offset...

Which one would flex better?

(not sure how it will look, above is a pdf version)
Vechile Length Front 1/2 Rear 1/2 Width #Leafs F/R

82 Wagoneer 56 25 31 2.5 rear soa les
76-85 Wagoneer 47 22.5 24.5 2.5 7 front sua
76-85 Wagoneer 57 26 31 2.5 4 ol rear soa
86 Cherokee 52 23 29 2.5 rear soa les
88 Comanche 2wd 57 56 31 2.5 3 ol rear soa les
87-96 YJ 45 22.5 22.5 2.5 f/r sua
77 CJ7 45 22 23 2 front sua les
77 CJ7 46 23 23 2.5 rear sua les
67-69 M715 46 23 23 front sua les
67-69 M715 52 26 26 2.5 rear soa les

81 Van 52 23 29 2.5 les
85 Truck Ram 100 52 24 28 2.5 les

84 Blazer 54 26 28 2.5 rear sua les
85 Blazer S10 4wd 48 21 27 2.5 rear sua
79 Truck 1/2ton 56 26 30 2.5 rear les
68 Van 48 22 26 2.75 rear les

85 F150 2wd 57 25 32 2.5? rear les
83 Ranger 2wd 57 26 31 2.5 rear sua

80-85 45 22.5 22.5 2.36 front soa
80-88 48 20.5 27.5 2.36 rear soa
89-95 51 25.5 26 2.36 rear soa

f/r=front or rear


I'm running the later waggy 7leaf front springs on both ends of mine and they work great!!

It's as close to a 1ton as it can get and still be a jeep!!! Gotta love it!!

Assuming all the info is accurate, this will be extremely helpful info. Thanks for the post!

Who needs a road...if there's a perfectly good JEEP trail somewhere else!?

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I think the Comanche springs will be too much for you out back...try Wagoneer springs out back, just flip the shackle hangers around (you'd have to install some on a YJ since they're through the frame). There isn't a whole heckuva lot else to play with unless you start cutting off and moving spring hangers and/or install a shackle reversal or extend the frame rails. National Spring's setup is to install slightly longer (about 2" longer) rear springs and 52" long front springs with a reversal. What I did on my Scrambler was customize some Comanche packs and hang them out back off of slightly relocated (forward) YJ spring hangers and relocated (rearward) shackle hangers. Up front I currently have customized Cherokee rear springs hanging from JKS conversion shackle hangers and majorly relocated (rearward) YJ spring hangers (they're almost directly beneath the front body tub mounts) and will be replacing the first leaf or two with leaves from an S-truck (the ones I have are around 53"-54" which doesn't correspond with your chart, and the Cherokee's are more like 51"-51.5"...I worked off of that 52" spec and came up short, hence part of the reason for the S-truck leaves). Here's a couple of pics:


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Most of the info is probably accurate:) If people want to email spring dimension I'd be happy to complie a spread sheet of spring sizes...
Anyone have dimesnsions on a rear F150 spring pack?

Your project is looking good!
I'm probably going to end up running the comanche packs out back, I'll run the hanger out across my back bumper and then move the fixed mount towards the front of the jeep and use a sledge hammer on my gas tank:)
Couple of questions:
- What did you use for the fixed mount spring hangers? looks like they have a nice angle now to slide over things ...
- Where did you get the long spring retainers?

Lets see:
- I didn't measure the S10, picked that one up somewhere else
- Hmm...I was thinking about the cherokee rear pack for the front also but at 51-51.5...thanks for the info...

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