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Thanks, but those are wheeling pics and I wanted to see the "late night" carnage... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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didn't get any picts, but I did manage to bash both rocker pannels, driver rear door and teh driver rear quater panel on the ZJ... :p finally got the door open, but now have to fix the handle. I nailed it right on the handle and pushed it into the door. three hits on the same tree as I was passing it.. bam, bam, bam.... Galen's brother and two kids were riding with me, he said all he could think about when that happened was dollar signs... i told him "Hell, the dents are free of charge" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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That's all I have from the 5 hours I was there.

I hope someone posts the video of the Battery Powered Jeep on the boat ramp.

[/ QUOTE ]

You were there? Crap! Where was I? Guessing you were sitting over with John L. & the other CNC'ers during the afternoon?

Darrin sent the powerwheels vid to me this AM, but have no hosting. If you have space & bandwidth, it's yours! Better yet, the pics of the "barge pulling the inflatable pool" are just as comical!

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Yes, I was sitting with the CNC'rs smoking a cigar. I drove up after the food was served with my wife and two step kids. I was the guy explaining how CNC rolled a Mog at Tellico. Of course, that was probably when you went to the boat ramp? I rode in the White Blazer for the afternoon run up Dickey Bell.

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mmmmm cigar.....think I'll break out one when I get home and chase it down with a top shelf margarita....

Galen, sorry I missed your bash man, got busy with all the honey doos and forgot all about it, hope you had a good one.

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Jayleen and I loved the cake.....very creative

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So here are my recollections of the weekend:

Thursday afternoon. Got the Jeepullr (83 Ford F250) all loaded with all
the gear for the weekend (tents for 3, tarps, canopies, tables, stoves,
firewood...) got the YJ hooked up (had to flat tow, cuz the new trailer
wasn't done as promised...another long story...). And then it
rained...Had hail the size of "shooter marbles" landing on the deck,
stepped out side to watch it, BIG FLASH - LOUD BANG and a tree exploded
about 60 feet from the house! (Monday's recon shows a ~70 foot Poplar
missing one side, and splinters all over the yard, and it's neighboring
~90 foot Pine in only marginally better shape)

Friday Morning. Jump in the Jeepullr and hit the road for Uwharrie
(URE). Jeep is actually pulling nice and straight with no major dodging
or weaving. It's good right up to about 65 MPH, then I get some high
frequency vibes, so for the 9 miles of the trip where 65 is the speed
limit, I keep it just under and have no issues till I get 70 miles into
the trip...At a light in Asheboro the temp gauge shoots up to super hot!
Hit the heat, and was moving before the light changed to green, but the
temp started to drop. (further inspection shows the fan clutch to be
shot...). Pull into the camp ground and start to set up tents (I'm
carrying mine and my spares for non-camping family and friends). Get a
couple of canopies up, then head for the trails. I'm looking for a
fairly short circle that will give me a one to one and a half hour trail
ride, so that we can take out some of my non-wheelin' friends on
Saturday morning. Went from Group Camp down to Wolf Den then South to
the mud hole on Falls Dam, turned around and back to the North end of
Wolf Den. Minus my 15 minutes of playing in the mud hole, the trip is
all of 45 I shoot up Slab Pile a ways to find a turn around
and if the trail is tame enough this week for stockers...Just past the
picture rocks (Slap Piles) I hear that awful sound of metal tearing and
then a dragging sound...Stop, get out, look around the Jeep...and my
spare tire is sitting on the ground...My bumper/tire carrier brackets
(no names to protect the guilty company) had broken, one tore at a bend
and the other just pulled the bolts through the cross member...So, got
the tire and Hi-lift off the carrier and into the back of the Jeep, then
bungee and zip-tied the bumper back in place (there were still 2 bolts
that were keeping me from pulling it off) and headed back for camp. Got
back in to camp and pulled the rest of the bumper off. About this time
15 cars pull into the Group camp next door and about 5000
Russian/Lithuanian/Latvian (one of those ian countries) pile out and
start their Up-Up-With People revival...Who-Hoo, got to listen to them
sing and dance all weekend! Fortunately the rain was continuing to hold
off after having rained all morning. Late in the afternoon CaverDave
pulls into camp and we set up his tent and gear. Then in rolls (from
Delaware) my little brother, his wife, daughter, son and my
the set up is on...get everyone's tents up and chairs spread, and sit
down to catch up. Sat around under a 10x10 e-z-up as it started to
sprinkle...We were hoping that Tater would show up with the BIG canopy
before it started to rain...but we chickened out and I started with some
of my famous tarp hanging...and then, it rained! Tater finally showed
up, Sandra arrived (thankfully with my dinner!) then John and Miriam
along with Craig. Brent pulled in and set up his tent (spread a sleeping
bag in the grocery getter ZJ). Jon (who was staying with some of his
family over at Arrowhead) came by around 10pm and said..We seem to have
a situation...

The 17 year old daughter of his friends had taken off on her 4 wheeler
around 4 pm and had not been seen since. She was not answering her phone
and her truck was still in the parking lot at the trail head. So we set
up a Search and Rescue mission. We all started out at the Wolf den
parking lot and headed south, at the Slab Pile intersection, we sent
John in his K5 and Craig in his Chevy truggy up Slab Pile to Dutch John
and they were to start hollering on the radio for Caver in his Commando
and me in my YJ once they got to the top of the steep hill climb. Caver,
Brent in his lifted ZJ, Jon in his stock TJ and I continued down Wolf
Den to the Falls Dam intersection where Brent and Jon were to search. In
theory Caver and I would have continued down Wolf Den down to Dutch John
up to the bottom of the hill climb, and been able to complete the Dutch
John circle with no one having to do the hill climb in the
rain...Fortunately just as we were about to send Jon and Brent off on
Falls Dam, John called us on the radio and said they had found Krista at
the intersection of Slab Pile and Sawmill. She was wet, tired, sore and
ready to lay down and go to sleep. She told me on Saturday, that when
John and Craig pulled up, she had just sat down with the plan of
sleeping out on the trail till daylight...Our common, yet unprofessional
opinion was that she was border line shock and/or hypothermia. We took
her back to her parents at the Wolf Den parking lot and sent them off to
get her a hot shower and some fluids. We turned around and went to find
her quad...By her description I was pretty sure it was on Rocky Mountain
Loop between "Cavers Hole" and "Kodak Rock", so we headed out Wolf Den
to Slab Pile to Rocky Mountain Loop and spent an hour or so walking
through the woods looking for her rolled quad. We were unable to locate
it and at 1 AM I called off the search...Caver and I had an appointment
with the Officer of the Day that we were late for...

Back at camp we found the Lovely Jeep Wife siting under the tarp city
waiting for our return (everyone else having gone to bed). We found some
tasty, frosty beverages and started telling lies...

Saturday morning. Daylight came in the form of rain, just about the time
I felt like I could move enough to go out and relieve myself (remember
I'm old now...). So I laid there a few moments and thought...It'll let
up some and then I'll go...So it rained I laid there a few
moments and thought...It'll let up some and then I'll go...So it rained
harder...Rinse and repeat...Finally I dragged out...Made
coffee...mumbled good mornings to a few souls and then it quit

Then the wheelers started rolling in, Prill in his TJ, Mike in his YJ,
Patrick and Alfred in the FJ40, my older brother and family in his Honda
mini van, Alan and his wife in a TJ (did I miss anyone...?). When Jon,
Krista and her dad came around, we mounted up, filling every available
seat, and headed out to find Krista's quad. She rode up front with me
and we headed for where Craig and John had found her the night before.
When we got to the Slab Pile and Sawmill intersection she knew exactly
where she was and where she had come from. So we headed around on Slab
Pile in the direction she had come. As an aside here, she was wrong and
stupid to take off on her 4 wheeler alone and in a place she had never
been before without a phone or radio with her. When she rolled the quad,
she wasn't sure where she was or how to get back to her truck. She was
looking for some kind of signs to tell her where she was on the map...As
we are rolling along she kept saying things like, "I remember this hill,
I fell down right there", "I remember this clump of trees", "I walked
down right over there". She also kept turning around in the Jeep to look
out the back window, looking to see that we were on the right track and
still going in the right direction...She obviously had stopped in her
wanderings the night before (in the dark and rain) to get her bearings
and look for landmarks (in some ways she was smart, and in others...not
so smart. Bet she don't ride alone again...) When we got to Rocky
Mountain Loop she pointed towards the North...She was pretty sure her
quad was near the bottom of the area at "Kodak Rock". As our strung out
caravan reached "Cavers Hole" John radioed up that the fuel pump on
Craig's truggy had taken a dump and did anyone have one. Nope, all of us
were fresh out...By the time we were able to get communication back up
and down the line, Jon, Alan, Prill, Alfred, and I had cleared the
"Kodak Rock" area, instead of the whole group waiting on Craig to fix
his fuel pump, the rest of us kept on getting it. Krista said we were
still a long way from her quad...About the time we were ready to start
rolling, Caver calls up from below and said that some buggy drivers had
stopped by the fuel pump repair (they had one and donated it to the
cause), but as importantly they had spotted the quad just below the
rocky hill climb on Daniel, just above the hairpin turn...So the upper
group hot tailed it around RML to Daniel and started down, shortly after
a second group, made up of Caver, Brent, Mike and a few others cleared
Kodak and hit 553 to 576 to start up Daniel...We all converged near the
quad right where the buggy drivers said it would be. If you've ever been
around URE you would know that the bottom of the rocky hill climb on
Daniel and the intersection of Slab Pile and Sawmill (via Kodak) is
about 7 miles of rough terrain, especially in the rain and dark...Got
the quad up righted about 25 feet off the trail down the 30 degree bank.
Her dad reached over and it started right up...Not bad for sitting out
there upside down for 12+ hours. Got it up on the trail, pulled some of
the crushed plastic body panels off, bent the handle bars back to near
their original position and started out, back up the rocky hill climb,
up Daniel to RML. Caught up with Darrin and family in his YJ just as we
were turning the corner onto RML (so he got to wheel for all of 7
minutes...). From there I sent everyone back to camp since dinner was to
be served shortly. Krista and I went around to the Wolf Den parking lot
to get her truck, then back to where her dad was at RML and 553 to load
up the quad. Then it was back to camp for me, a shower and some BBQ and
some cake!

Back at camp, a few more friends had come by, Mike and Susan, Susan and
Kate, Richard, Andrew, Liz, Big A and his girlfriend...We gorged
ourselves on North Carolina pulled pork BBQ, slaw, potato salad and
buns. Then Susan and Sandra unveiled the cake...The coolest cake I've
ever seen (or eaten)!

Once our appetites were sated it was time to hit the trails again. As we
were loading up, Susan and Mike said their goodbyes and headed for home,
Richard and his crew loaded up and headed for their new home in Helena
(yup, Montana!) and the rest of us hit the road for Dickey Bell. The run
was uneventful, except for the huge grins on the faces of my family and
friends that were fortunate enough to be able to ride with my wheelin'
buddies. 2 brothers, 2 sisters-in-law, my mother and a handful of others
had only seen pictures of me wheelin' and had never been out...It was
great fun to show them what we do, and how we do it...Young Kate who
rode with me and one of my sister-in-laws now both want their own Jeeps!

Back at camp we ate more pork and visited with the captain for a while
then turned in around daylight, having listened to the rain on the tarp
city all night.

It rained all day on Sunday so packing up and saying goodbyes was a
soggy wet affair. Sandra and I got home around 3 PM, tired, still wet
but knowing that we had just had one of the best weekends in a long

Sunday evening. I got all the tarps hung up in the yard, all the tents
and canopies set up in the driveway, all the coolers emptied and the
rest of the gear stowed. Walked in for dinner and it started to rain on
all the gear still out side...Shrugged my shoulders and said "it'll wash
the mud off".

Monday. Got most of the gear folded, rolled and stowed. Thankfully it
didn't rain at all today!

Thanks to all my friends and family that came out and helped me
celebrate my 40th birthday. It will be a treasured memory for a very
long time.

Sandra even said she had a good time...enough that she is already
thinking that a "Second annual 40th birthday bash" next year may not be
such a bad idea...

I truly am blessed with wonderful friends and supportive family!

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HMMMMM, Uwharrie....and mud....who'da thunk it. Happy Birthday Galen

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Caver and I kept saying all weekend...wouldn't be right to have a major gathering at URE without a few (hundred) rain squalls!

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Man, I hate that I missed it, not htat I have had time to replace teh toasted rear wheel bearing or put the brake hardware that fell off when the wheel seperated back on, but i would have loved to be there. When I get my Jeep fixed blah, blah, blah... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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not htat I have had time to replace teh toasted rear wheel bearing or put the brake hardware that fell off when the wheel seperated back on, but i would have loved to be there. When I get my Jeep fixed blah, blah, blah...

[/ QUOTE ]

And just how did this happen... parked in your backyard? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
POSING session gone horribly wrong?
Sabotaged by the wife?

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Say it with me, W H E E L I N G...

Took it out a few weeks ago and noticed a little grease leaking from the rear wheel, but didn't think much of it. On the way home, the rear end felt a little weird. i hit the brakes and the rear wheel seperated and passed me. The Jeep dropped on to the brake backing plate and I pulled off the road. I was able to jack it up, retreive the wheel, axle and brake drum from about 100 yards down the road, adn remove the bearing. I called for reinforcements and had the wife (who was really happy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif) pick up my son, and I put new bearing on it and limped it home. I just never posted anything about it on the board. I am having new retainers milled that will retain the bearing for normal use, but neck down to retain just the inner race to keep the wheel fronm seperating if it ever happens again.
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