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Locking Hub on D30

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I am about to take the locking hubs apart to check the bearing in a wide track D30 going into a Jeepster. The problem is after I remove the five bolts that hold the hub and after removing the indicator screw with the unit in 2 wheel drive the locking hub will not come off.

Is it ok to pry it off with a screw driver? Or is there something wrong.

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The locking hubs on my '70 Jeepster with the 27 and Warn locking hubs has a snap ring on the axel shaft that holds everything on. Pull off the top of the hub that locks it in two or four wheel drive. There should be about six or so allen head bolts holding the cap on . Under there is the axel with the snap ring. Take off the snap ring and the whole thing will slide out. DON'T pry on it until you make sure there is no snap ring to remove. You may get pieces in the differential case that the gears may not like. On thing is to mark how it's already put on with a scratch awl or the splines may not line up correctly again. I did this once then was stuck and couldn't get the hubs locked. Found out what was wrong after I got home.

Mike, '70 Pick-up
Las Vegas, NV
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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