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Lockers and traction devices

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Hi everyone,

I have an 85 cj-7 with 258 and a 5 speed. Its my daily driver but i like to play with it on the weekends.

I was looking for a locker or something that would help off road but not kill me on the road or highway. I heard the ARB is nice but that it isnt that strong? what about the Powertrax no-slip thing?

any input would help


Jeep'n Greg
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The ARB is plenty strong. In fact I just read an article in one of the Off Road rags, where ARB had stated that a good percentage of their failure was due to bent axles ,in particular on the D35.
In general the ARB and the Detroit are going to be stronger than the Powertrax, or an EZ locker because they incorporate a new stronger carrier, rather than replacing existing side and spider gears in the stock carrier.
I really like the ARB in the front axle, because I can run it open most of the time but its there if I need it.

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The ARB is probably the best unit available for street and off-road use but it is a little costly and has more that CAN go wrong than other LSDs. The Powertrax and others that use the stock open carriers cost half as much but are also the weakest option. Detroit Locker and True-Tracks cost a little less than the ARB, have less that CAN go wrong, and have differing degrees of street manners and off-road ability. It is just a matter of deciding what you want to have as far as LSD ability and $ to spend.

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would the powertrax and the such work for some moderate wheel' not a massive rock crawler here....Im doing a lift and 33" tires..nothing HUGE
or is the powertrax really that week of a unit?

Jeep'n Greg
If you're going to put a locker in the rear, it may as well be a Detroit. I've been using one since Nov., street manners are a little weird, but you get used to it, and tire wear is a bit accelerated. BUT, the traction is awesome, and like a previous post said, hard to break, as bulletproof as you can get, and no airlines or seals to leak or break.

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You can't really beat the ARB for the street to trail option since you can turn it on and off. I've got a Detroit in the rear, lockright in the front and it does drive a little different, but not a big deal. Mine's on the road a lot. My husband has an ARB in the rear and it's been great, but we don't do too much water/deep mud trails that might rip off the air hose (which I've heard can be a problem). I just suggest not putting the lockright in the rear. We've had EZ lockers (the same thing) fail in the rear in both our Jeeps and in a friends jeep too. They do well in the front, but the constant driving on the road kills them in the rear. The Detriot in the rear is bulletproof (I better go knock on wood.....)

Jeep'n Greg - If you are going to run 33s then I would recommend a Detroit Locker or the Tru-Trak, depending on the terrain. 33" tires are getting a little large for a stock open carrier with the extra stress of the locker. The Tru-Trak has better on road manners and does well in sand or mud but does very little if you lift a tire such as a twisty rut or rocky piece. In these situations , the Locker will give you more torque to the tire with traction.

The Grim Jeeper!
I was told by many to avoid the Detroit Gearless (or gutless, as some call it) Locker at all costs... I know you didn't mention it, but a few shops around here have tried to force one of those upon me when I've gone locker shopping...

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