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Locker question

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Locker question

just got a detroit locker for me 10bolt rear. i was doing some drinking last night with my friends dad, and i got the box to show him since he was thinking about getting a locker too. on the box it said 30 spline and ratio of 3.08
I know that i have 3.73 gears since i just put thim in 41-11 teeth....anyways, will this still work with my rear end...does the ratio even matter.
also, do my axles have 30 splines. they're locked i nthe shop right now so i can't count them. its in a 96 Z-71 10bolt rear.
Thanks for the help guys, I'm just gonne abe upset if i have to wait for another week to get more parts and have it rolling again.

96 Z-71 EXTcab, richmond 3.73, detroit rear, cold air, dual flowmasters, new drive-train
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Re: Locker question

88 - 92 is the only years that you don't really know what kind of splines you have until torn apart (yours should be 30). I'm not sure if the ratio is important, but a quick phone call to detroit (or your dealer) should ease the nerves. If I'm not mistaking I think detroit lockers are made for an array of ratios. Example: Locker #1 is for 3.08 to ??? and #2 is for 4.11 to ???, etc.

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