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I have open differentials (corporate 8.25" rear/ Dana 30-8.6mm front) on my '03 KJ and I would like to install a limited-slip diferential on both front and back.

I got the open differential because I had initially planned to install lockers. Though, most of my daily driving is on city streets; so I have backpedaled and decide to go with limited slip. The factory, trac-lok is too expensive; and so I was looking for after-market versions. I heard Auburn Gears makes some good ones for daily driving/off-road use; though I can't seem to find any for the KJ. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried something simimlar on their JK. I also looked at Powertrax, but decided that they would affect daily driving too much with the understeer and loss of turn-radius. Also, I don't like the complexity and cost of the ARB-air lockers. Any help/comments/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Also, had anyone installed Off-Road lights on their KJ's? If installing them on top of roof-rack, how is the wiring threaded into the cabin?. Any good suggestion for Lighting Mounting systems? Hella, Thule, etc.? I have the factory rails + cross-rails + I plan to use ski carriers during the winter season

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I also looked at Powertrax, but decided that they would affect daily driving too much with the understeer and loss of turn-radius.

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They may cause understeer but they don't affect turn radius.

You might look into the detroit true trac.

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We have a KJ club in So-Cal and a lot of the guys out here run this set up.....We use the PowerTrac no Slip locker in the rear and the Detroit True trax in the front. I have 55000 miles on my jeep in 18 months and do not have any problems. The true trac in the front does not cause anyproblems at all. I drive a lot of hwy milesa as you can tell but we also off road at least one or two trips a month. You can check out some our our members rides at our club website at Lost KJ West club site . here are the part numbers of the lockers as well. Powertrax for open diff 92-0382-2905 if you have the factory Traclock 92-0382-2925 and the Detroit Truetrac is 912314 if you are running 373 or higher. if you install the Truetrac your self you just use new bearings in the carrier. i picked them up at NAPA. The bearing number is LM 501349 and the race is LM 501314. you will need 2 each of these. I have been very pleased with this setup. I wheel my KJ VERY HARD and have had no problems. When you go to our club website you will see some of the pictures and know how hard we are wheeling these little KJs. Later...Clint

One more thing...You did not say if you have command trac or select trac. I have the command trac. If you have the select trac be very very very careful if you are usiong full time with a front locker on the road no matter which one you use. I am really not a fan of full itme unless it is open. Hope al this helps. later

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Thanks for the very helpful information!!! How are you finding the Powertrax performing in the snow? Based on reviews and comments, I felt comfortable going with the Powertrax No-Slip. My major concern is Perfomance on Snow and Ice. Would you have any comments on this? At this time I am leaning towards an Auburn Gear Limited Slip for the rear. -any experience with Auburn, limited slip?

I have command-trac, part-time 4WD system with open differentials on both front and rear.
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