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lifting a 92 cherokee

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I am wondering what and where i can find all the stuff i need to raise the front and rear of my 92 cherokee and what kind of stuff i will need to add to the drivelines and brake lines to make it all work

im looking to raise it at least 4-6 inchs
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Stick with your name brands - Tomken, Skyjacker, Rock Crawler. They will be a little more expensive but usually will include all the parts you need. When it comes to your suspension you dont wat to cheap out. You will pay for it in the log run with death wobble or something. 3" lifts on XJ's are easy. Over 3" and youre doing a lot more work and spending a lot more money. 3" with 30 to 31's is a pretty popular mod and still able to keep it a decen't daily driver. Look here: or .
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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