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Lifting a 2002 Ford Ranger

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Hey guys,
I have a question about my new Ranger extended cab 2wd 4cyl 5 speed. It is a standard truck not The Edge model.

Basically I was wondering what (if any) options are available to lift the truck a small amount. I want the truck to look about like a standard Edge or 4wd model and ride a little stiffer.

Honestly, this truck won't be off-road much (I have had my fair share of off-road vehicles this isn't one of them!) and I love the truck, but would like it to have a little more aggressive stance and would like to run a little taller tire. Basically for looks (hey at least I am honest!) but also to make it easier to get in and out (I am used to an 80s 3/4ton suburban on 35" tires".)

I have heard many things ranging from torsion bars to v6 coils to bent I-beams.

I think that the truck just has a standard a-arm/coil spring set up. Is that right?

What about the back?

The truck makes it to the lake pretty often (with the duck boat in tow) and does light duty work on my ranch and hunting lease.

Thanks for all your help!
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all you should need are some coil overs. if you want a cheap suspension kit thats just for looks check out fab tech.
the hell with that. get a body lift. theyre like $80 for up to a 3" kit. takes about an hour to put on with friends and beer. itll clear decent tires and drive mostly like stock height.
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