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The add a leafs will work fine, as an interim lift set up. I even run them on my rock crawler,if you call 1000 plus on a 30 deg ramp limited, then I guess Im limited. Honestly the helper springs just act like a stiffer spring pack. they may weaken fairly quickly(Depending on how hard your flexing them) but if you get warrantied springs you can just swap em out when they go bad. On my YJ I have to replace them about every 4 months, but I am really tweaking the suspension almost every weekend on some pretty brutal trails. If you get vibration from the drive line, you can make a transfer case lowering kit using 1" or 1 1/2 " square tubing in between the frame and the T case skid plate. This system is actualy much stronger than aftermarket kits using individual spacers, due to the extra strength provided by the support of the tubing in between the 3 holes. The kits using 6 individual spacers will collapse baddly if you drop on a rock in between the spacers.The square tubing costs about $10.00, just use the skid plate as a template for the 3 holes on each side.
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