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Lift Required to fit 35\" tires???

Hello all,

I am new at this I just bought an 89 Burban Silverado. It has 32.5" x 11.5" on 15" rims with an add a leaf done. I really want to put 35's under it but don't want to go to a 6" lift. I really like the way it handles right now it is stiff but not to stiff. What I would like to know is how much I have to lift it with out trimming to get 35's under it or am I better off to just go up to 33's?

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Re: Lift Required to fit 35\" tires???

You answered your own question.

Try using the search feature.

33x12.50s will fit on 15x8 wheels bone stock. 33x12.50s will fit on 15x10 wheels if it doesn't have front end droop and you don't mind bending the lip in on the front fenders. 33x12.50s on 15x10s will fit better with a 4" lift but it'll still rub under articulation. 35x12.50s on 15x8s or 15x10s will rub on 4" lift without trimming. 35x12.50s on 15x8s or 15x10s will rub under severe articulation with 6" of lift.
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