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???Lift Kits???

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I need some help everyone... I'm planning to add a new lift kit to my CJ becaues the exsisting about 1 3/4 lift that I bought my Jeep w/ is sagging badly I figure it probaly was a 2in kit at once but don't know who it is made by.The two kits I'm looking at are the Ranco 2 1/2 and the Skyjacker 4in. kit. I was wondering if anyone has had any experince w/ either kits. The prices are similar, but I didn't know how they ride, articulation etc... Also I know there are more things that need to be done w/ a 4in kit versu a 2.
Oh anyone know anything about the Warn Coilover like price, etc.?
Thanks all

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Go with the skyjacker! I had a rancho lift on mine and it about beat me to death. The skyjacker has great articulation and it is soft. I have only had it for about a month, but what a difference.


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