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I have a 2000 2wd s10 and just recieved the 3" spindle/add-a-leaf explorer procomp lift for it that i ordered from Jcwhitney. well, it seems that they left out my extended brake lines so i called them and now i have to wait for those to come in.. about another 2 weeks... so i have a little time before i put this thing on.

question #1- add-a-leafs, how do these skinny little things lift the rear 1.5-2 inches, esp since my springpack is below the axle, i just dont get it.. can anyone explain?

question #2- i called procomp before i ordered this lift, just to make sure that i could do everything to install it myself.. i specifically asked, is there any welding involved, i got he reply "nope, its a simple bolt on proccess", so i shell out $500 without worries. well i look at the instructions and low and behold, cutting and welding! attatched are the instructions for that portion of the install as well as a pic of the part to be welded on.. i dont understand what this part is for and why it needs to be there. could i install the rest of the lift and drive to a shop to get it welded? would that cost me an arm and a leg because there is cutting involved too? do i want to cut my a-arm all up?

thanks in advance for responses.

ps-this is from the instructions put together by bullseye, the company that makes the spindles procomp uses in their kits.

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Okay, Did the kit come with new control arms? Because the illustration looks like an aftermarket one. Obviously the gusset is there for a reason, so NO I wouldn't drive it without it! The add-a-leaves work by adding to the total height of your springpack, thus lifting your ride height, and adding a little more "arch" to the pack.
On the welding, it should not cost alot to do, BUT it needs to be done when installing the lift as the clearance and the placement of the gusset needs to be exact to your truck. I suspect that Explorer Pro-Comp added the gusset after they found out that the factory control arm wouldn't clear the spindle, thus they needed to cut the arm, then add a gusset to strengthen it, becuase the ball-joint is right there(a highly stressed peice!).
Ideally, EPC would have supplied you with,or offered to you as a trade-in, modified control arms as a part of the kit.
I would make sure I got my brake lines, then right them a letter telling them how you were lied to by the guy on the phone. I've seen them pull a few shady things before with other lifts. Well, good luck to you with it. I hope that you are satisfied with it in the end. Oh, yes do take some pics when you do it. We LOVE PICTURES!

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