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i want to life my 95 pathfinder up 4 inches, but DONT
wanna crank the toursion bar up. with this lift what
will be ness. to change...driveshaft, stearing etc.
would you suggest going double shoucks in the rear
and as well as using the bettwer sway bars etc...

ALL IN ALL for a COMPLETE JOB with the best results
what should happen? i am seriously looking into this
as i want to run 32x12.5 on this thing being told i
have to use a body lift with this as well to get 33
s under there HELP


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You can 32x12.50's with just a 3" body lift, or go with the Trailmaster 4" kit and run 33's, but you might want to wait for a response from someone that has the T/M kit. The only changes that I know of for the T/M kit is if you have a 2 piece rear drive shaft, you'll have to change it to a single and also I think your exhaust has to be modified a bit? If you go with the body-lift Black Diamond makes a good one even though it's only listed up to a 93 it will still fit fine. All that's required is to get longer body-mount bolts made up and also your shifter will be pretty short so get an extension made for it. I used a Dodge extension and just had it re-threaded.
Hope this help ya, but you should ask some of the guys on this board who are using the T/M 4" kit for their suggestions?

Chris J.
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Use the TM 4" kit. Im running it on my 94 Path, with no problems. However, 33x12.50s WILL NOT FIT!! I dont care what anyone tells you, a 32x11.50 will be as tall as you can go. 33's would work with aftermarket coils added, and turning up the torisons. This has been my consideration. You could use a 2" body lift in addition to the TM kit to run 33"s also. Check out black diamonds kits, from what I hear these are pretty good, if you want to do a body lift. Im going to stick with my 32's however. Prepare to re-gear for 33"s too. Im running the 4.375 ratio with my 32"s and I'm going up to 4.88's as soon as cash allows. I live up in the mtns, so climbing hills is my only problem with gearing.The TM kit is very involved to install. You will have to change out your outer tie rod ends to a unit from a 92-below nissan, and trim the threads. The kit comes with shocks, I strongly suggest paying the extra 35 bucks and getting the TM ssvs. I have enjoyed mine. You dont have to turn up the torisons at all with this kit. You can if you so choose, but it isnt necessary. Driveshafts are not an issue here, we have a one peice shaft, so its no biggie. You MUST run aftermarket wheels also. You must have a backspacing of 3 3/4" or GREATER to not kill your tires. What I ran into was finding a wheel with our lug pattern with the right backspacing. I ended up using a 15x10, and trimmed the a-arms back a little. Yes, this can be done and not structually weaken them. There is a lip on them that protrudes, that you can grind off just a little to add some more clearance. The cost of the kit is around 800-850, wheels are up to you, and the labor just depends on where you have it installed. If you have any other questions, just let me know

Happy Trails
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