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So im looking into doing a lift on my 00 expedition, and Ive had 3 different people tell me 3 different things about it.

First i was told I can only do a body lift.
Then I was told I can do a suspension lift, but ill need to drop the front shock brackets 4"
And finally i was told by fab tech that I can install their kit, everything bolts up, but I cant use their front shocks because they will pull out of the top mounting hole, so my thought with that is weld a plate over the top with a smaller hole

So whats true and whats not? Ive also been told that with a 3" body lift I can clear 35" tires, or I can clear 33's in stock form. but on fab-techs site they say with a 6" suspension lift you can only clear 33's with some trimming, I would appreciate someone clearing this up for me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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