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Let Me Tell You What?(Bear Update among other...)

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I owe a lot of people on this bbs a huge THANK YOU...I have gotten more response about Bear off this board than off all the signs I hung up around town(all though I have had a few calls from those). I to beleive that LEVE's home would be a wonderful home fo Bear...from what I've known of Larry I gather he and his family are loving, caring, and true to heart people. I also got an e-mail from a man in Houston TX today that said he would come and pick Bear up. WOW!!! I could not ask for a better group of freinds than the friends I have aquired from this board, even though I have only met a handful of you once face to face.
Here's the update on what's going on with Bear...I have had one very serious inquiry locally here for a permenant home(I have some questions in my mind reguarding the husbund though). I also have had two people that may be intrested in fostering Bear for two months or so until I can get back to work...Bear and I am to meet with the two couples later today. I would love it if this would work out...I also have to talk to my boss tomorrow to see if he can gaurrenty me a different position after Thanksgiving...if he can I may go the route of having Bear fostered for a short period of time until I can get into my own place. I will keep you all posted and update you again later today...
Once again I owe many people in here a lot, for the help they've given to me, when I've needed it. I like most of us can never repay any of you in a monotary way for the help you've given...but if I ever win the Lottery I can think of a lot of people that would get things they'd love(i.e. Larry's A&W/Off-road Park)LOL...So in parting I will say again very sincerely Thank You your help and friendship mean more than you will ever know.

John Duffey
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Keep us updated John. I know it would be the easiest to have him local. But looks like we could help if it doesn't work out that way.
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