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legal bill of sale

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I need some info on where I can find a legal bill of sale for one of my jeeps that I am selling. I told the guy it is as-is, but I want to get him to sign something in writing. Anyone point me in the direction I need.

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Just do one your self and have it notarized. I think any bank will have a Notary Public on staff. Write up your own bill of sale:

I, "so and so", sell one "whatever" jeep to "buyer of said jeep" on this day __
in the year of ____ . The condition of said jeep is an "as is" condition. I "sellar of jeep" have no claim or responsibility to the jeep after this day as ownership transfers to "blah ba de blah."

Take it to the Notary Public, have him sign it, Notary will stamp it, make a copy, keep the original and send him on his way. Dont sign the paper until your in the presence of the notary. They need to witness the signing.

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Your local book and stationary store usually carries legal documents that you just fill in the blanks.
The idea of the Notary public is a good one.Nickmil.

Here you go..
Find , copy and print./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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Here's the one for motor vehicle sale
For value received, the undersigned seller, ____________(1)___________, sells and transfers to ____________(2)___________, buyer, the vehicle described therein.

Seller warrants that:

(1) seller is the sole owner of the vehicle;

(2) such vehicle is free of all encumbrances, security interests, and other defenses against seller;

(3) the cash price does not exceed a reasonable retail price at the time of sale;

(4) the vehicle has been delivered to and accepted by buyer;

(5) buyer was of legal age and legally competent to execute the contract on the date thereof;

(6) all disclosures to buyer and other matters in connection with such transaction, are in all respects as required by, and in accordance with, all applicable laws and regulations governing

Dated: ____________(3)______________

__________(4)_____________ Seller

___________(5)____________ Buyer

I knew everything when I was 16......How come I'm so stupid now?
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In Wisconsin, (not sure about other states), all you have to do is write "AS IS" on the title. That removes all liability you have with the vehicle. Ask your local DMV or a trusty salesman.

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One thing I have noticed that none of the given samples include is the VIN number of the Jeep. Make sure that you not only describe what the vehicle is but include the VIN.

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