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This is even more off topic, but one of my lightening experiences is... late one night we had a severe thunderstorm move through, lightening struck a 100+ tall pine tree near the house. The lightening moved down the tree and through the roots, and formed trenches where the roots were. Imagine the trenches radiating out from the tree 75 feet, some were 1' deep. One root was near where the phone line was buried, about 3' deep. It arced into the phone line, exploded and made a crater. Then it traveled into the house, burnt one phone, and arced into the power line through the answering machine. Luckily, it flipped a breaker. At the same time, an exposed phone jack where we were working caught fire, and we put it out before things were bad. Though the breaker was flipped at the fuse panel, we've had major light bulb problems since. Things have improved, but for a while we might get several days use out of a light bulb before itd pop. On the other hand, after the fire was extinguished and we went out to see the damage, the ground was covered with erthworms, there were millions... I guess it was a good time to fish? Also, the computer was unplugged and survived ;)

Now I'm gonna start tying knots in everything ;)

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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