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FYI, here's some cheap protection. HTH (next time!)

From "The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide" 8th edition By Mark Minasi (was THE text book when I taught this stuff). From Chapter 9, pages 429-430.
" A cheap lightning protection: overhand knots in the power cord. Believe it or not, some researchers found this one out. It makes the lightning work againest itself, and burn out the power cord, NOT the PC."
He goes on to site 2 examples of stuff getting fried. A TV w/o knots= dead, & a PC with knots on both the AC and phone cords= cords black& crispy, PC/modem still working.
I have used this method since 1996 and haven't lost a modem since. I was sceptical also, but living within 300' of a lake seems to attract every stray bolt there is. Prior to this, I lost 7 modems between '94-'95.

Caver Dave
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new Jeeps just have payments.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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