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The bellhousing on my 258-6 and BA 10/5 tranny is leaking oil. Where is it coming from?

1987 YJ Laredo
Rylan D.

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are u sure it's motor oil? I would tend to agree w/ Dave on the seal thing, but it could be from the trans front seal I think.


'74 CJ5,232 I6,T15,Dana 30&44

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There are two more possibilities I can think of that haven't been mentioned:

1) It is fluid from your clutch slave cylinder
2) It is oil leaking from you valve cover that is dripping down you bell housing

Option two is the most common cause I've seen with 258s, the valve covers don't seal too well.

Terry L. Howe

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I have to agree with Terry here. Make SURE it is not oil leaking from the
valve cover. It's a lot cheaper to fix a valve cover leak than putting a
new seal in either the engine or trans.

Just my experiences.

Ron R. - 90 YJ w/OME
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